About Us

Our mission is to deliver cooperative support services that foster learners for life. Our vision is to be the heart of learning, leadership, innovation, and prosperity. Our agency goals have been set by the ARESC staff through a strategic planning process and are to...

  • Model and support a culture of high expectations and positive energy. 

  • Model, support, and facilitate learners for life in all services. 

  • Promote sharing of resources and services among stakeholders based on local, regional, state, and/or federal educational priorities. 

  • Provide assistance to schools in meeting or exceeding accreditation standards and equalizing educational opportunities.

  • Encourage and facilitate innovative practices, strategies, and learning environments. 

  • Provide services to children, families, and schools that prepare them for a prosperous life. 

  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with all stakeholders of the community. 

Historical Snapshot

To frame Arkansas River Education Service Cooperative (ARESC) and our services, it is important to honor our past. ARESC was created in 1985, with the Education Service Cooperative Act of 1985.   According to the Education Service Cooperative Act of 1985, 

      “The programs and services of each education service cooperative shall be based upon the needs of the school districts included in its service area and upon the educational priorities of the state.  Education service cooperatives may provide shared educational programs and services such as needs assessment and school improvement planning, staff development, curriculum development, itinerant teachers, instructional materials, adult and vocational education, programs for gifted and talented, education for children with disabilities, alternative educational programs, secondary area vocational centers, community-based education programs, and other services which the State Board of Education may approve or which school districts may support with local funds.”

ARESC's main branch is located in the historic Sears and Roebuck Building of Pine Bluff. The retail store where many people have memories of shopping and visiting Santa at Christmas has been transformed into an educational resource center for the communities we serve. ARESC has grown over time to provide services needed to promote learning, leadership, innovation, and prosperity. Since 1985, we continue to grow into a specialized team of professionals who promote effective teaching and learning, support schools and educators in the field, and provide early intervention services for the youth and families of our service region.

Our Place in the Statewide Education Landscape 

Arkansas River Education Service Cooperative operates within a network of 15 sister service agencies created to help schools meet accreditation standards, equalize educational opportunities, use resources effectively, and implement programming.   ARESC is governed by a board of directors. This Board of Directors is appointed by each of our member school boards. Historically, the representative for each district has been the Superintendent. Their lens provides unique programs and services that are meaningful to the districts of our region.   We partner with the Arkansas Department of Education, Arkansas Department of Higher Education, Arkansas Home-Visiting Network, Arkansas Department of Human Services, Arkansas Department of Workforce Services, and other state agencies to implement initiatives that support students, schools, and families within the communities we serve.  We also partner with regional and local organizations in the same manner.