K-6 Virtual Academy at the River

A mother and a father reading with their child

We love working with you!

On behalf of Arkansas River Education Service Cooperative K-6 Virtual Academy and your local school district, we would like to welcome you and your child to the Virtual Academy. We are committed to the success of all students and are looking forward to working with you to provide your child with excellence in education. We want to remind you of the importance you play as a vital role in your child's education.

What is a learning coach? A learning coach is a set of words used to describe a parent or guardian that is schooling a student from home with the role of keeping them on task, supporting them, monitoring their progress, and connecting to teachers. The role of the Learning Coach in virtual learning includes:

  • Prepare a learning space in the home for students.

  • Create a schedule and set boundaries

  • Promote the health and wellness of students while working from home

  • Keep children safe while online.

  • Help students access the coursework and check in on their progress each day.

  • Reach out to teachers and school for assistance

  • Help students become self-motivated and self-directed

  • Lead independent hands-on activities

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