Next Board Meeting:
August 18, 2016
ARESC Board Room @ 10AM

Parapro Testing Dates:

July 13 @ 8:30 am
July 18 @ 12:30 pm
July 25 @ 12:30pm
July 26 @ 12:30pm
Aug 2 @ 8:30pm
Aug 4 @ 8:30pm
Aug 9 @ 8:30pm
Aug 11 @ 8:30pm

Contact Kay Simpson, Asst. Director/TCC, to pre-register for any of the above dates. 
870-534-6129 ext 2927

Our Mission

The mission of the Arkansas River Education Service Cooperative is to assist member school districts and communities with the development of more effective and equitable use of their shared resources and to provide shared services supporting the knowledge and skills necessary to impact effective citizenship and economic productivity through student achievement.

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