ARESC contacts teachers and admin by text message and email using a service called Possip, which is also used by 1300 schools and almost one million people across the country. We use Possip to ask for and receive feedback on your happiness and experience with our school. ARESC and Possip do not share any of your information, and follow federal regulations on student and user privacy.

Please fill out this form to give ARESC the ability to send text messages via Possip.

You may share your name or participate anonymously each and every time you share. You may also opt out of receiving the text message or email version of the Possip Pulse Check™. You can make sure you have updated your contact information on file by calling the school.

To learn more about Possip, visit  Here’s how it works:

  • You will routinely receive a text with a link to complete the survey 

  • The survey is only 2-3 questions with an option to provide additional feedback

  • The survey takes only 1-minute to complete

Here is a video for school staff responding to Possip Pulse Checks™.