About Us

Our mission is to deliver cooperative support services that foster learners for life.


Arkansas River Education Service Cooperative was created in 1985, with the Education Service Cooperative Act of 1985.  The first office was on the University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff campus.   In 1995, Arkansas River moved into the old Sears building on the corner of 6th & Poplar Avenue.  Since then, we have grown into a specialized team  of professionals who promote effective teaching and learning, support educators in the field, and provide early intervention services for the youth and families of our service region.  

Our Place in the Statewide Education Landscape 

Arkansas River Education Service Cooperative operates within a network of 15 sister service agencies created to help schools meet accreditation standards, equalize educational opportunities, use resources effectively, and promote coordination of Arkansas Department of Education initiatives. ARESC is governed by a board of directors consisting of the Superintendent from each member school.  This provides unique programs and services that are meaningful to the districts of our region.