novice TEACHER Mentoring

The purpose of the Novice Teacher Mentoring Program at Arkansas River ESC is to support and develop quality teachers who will positively affect student outcomes.  Below is an overview of the services and processes that we offer to Novice Teachers in our service area:


Formal Face-To-Face Training Days Throughout the Year


Variety of Communication

  • Website Resources

  • Weekly Emails 

  • Weekly Check-Ins


Google Classroom

  • Announcement Board

  • Topic-Specific Chat Rooms

  • Online PLC’s

  • Lesson Plan Repository


On-Site Support

  • Content Specialists Technical Assistance Visits

  • Attendance at Local PLC’s/Planning Meetings

  • Support for Local Initiatives

Bill Shelly

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Bill Shelly

Recruitment and Retention Facilitator

912 West Sixth Avenue

Pine Bluff, AR  71601

Office: (870) 730-2933