K-4 Resources


Arkansas AMI - PBS


               Driving Excellence in Humanities Education

               Disney Imagineering in a Box

              Disney Animals on Disney Now

              Draw Mickey Mouse at Home 

              Southeast Arkansas Arts & Science Center


              Free Audible Stories

             Hickman County Schools Online Phonics Lessons

             Barton Reading & Spelling

             What's Changed Phonemic Awareness

             HMH Literacy Resources

             BookPALS Story Online

             Decodable Books

             95% Group Inc

             West Virginia Phonics

             Student Centered Activities from FCRR

             OG Card Deck

             Breaking Closed Syllables

             Breaking Open Syllables

             R-Controlled Syllables


             International Children's Digital Library

             Reading A - Z (Decodables)

             Logic of English

             Letter Tiles

             Sight Words

             Mollie Thomas Carder

             Word Work


              Khan Academy

             Open Middle

             Robert Kaplinsky Lessons

             National Council of Teachers of Mathematics


             Graham Fletcher 3 Act Lessons

             Learning From Children 3 Act Lessons



             Dragon Box



             First In Math

             Freckle Education




             IXL Math




             Mind Research

             Moby Max

             Math Learning Center


              Mystery Science Lessons

             Mim's House of Science Books

             Twig Science

             Climate Kids

             Useful Science Learning Websites

             Learning Blade Home Resources

             (Contact cypertk@aresc.k12.ar.us for access)

             Cal Academy of Sciences


                    Build outdoors with Nature Play: Create with Nature

                    Investigate your favorite insect with What Would Happen?

                    Watch and sing 7,000 Kinds of Amphibians

                    Observe and imitate the Academy's Live Penguin Colony


                    Penguins, Will You Be My Valentine?

                    Environment Notice and Wonder

                    Teeth observation: Chew, Bite Chomp

                     1st Grade

                     Penguins: Wings, Beaks, and Feathers, Oh My!

                     Introduction to Scientific Sketching

                     Jungle Layers

                      2nd Grade

                      Fraction Penguin

                      Natural Resources Bingo

                      Scientific Sketching for Observation

                      3rd Grade

                      The Story of Poo

                      Macroinvertebrate Manor

                      Art & Science: Nature as Your Muse

                      4th Grade

                      Compost Scientific Investigation

                      Weather & Climate

                      Pocket Solar System

               STEM Activities for Kids

               PBS Design Squad

               Skype a Scientist

               Smithsonian for Kids

               PBS Learning Media

               Civil Air Patrol

Computer Science/Technology/Digital Citizenship

Coding Start Kit

Learn Selection Sort

CS Fundamental for Elementary Schools

Google CS First Hands-on Activities

Learn Coding and Game Building with Scratch

Creative Robotics at Home

Social and Emotional

                 Arkansas Behavior Support Specialists

               Stress & Coping

               Supporting Individuals with Autism 

Virtual Field Trips 

           Atlanta Zoo Panda Cam

             Arkansas Game and Fish

             Arkansas State Capital

             Dr. Seuss Museum - Springfield, MO

             Tennessee Aquarium

             Georgia Aquarium Whale Cam

             Houston Zoo Gorilla Habitat Cam

             Minnesota Zoo Animal Webcam

             National Zoo Webcams

             Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Cam

             Prague Zoo Live Gorilla Cam

             Stories at the San Diego Zoo

             Virtual Tour of Yellowstone National Park

Physical Education

              Cosmic Kids! Yoga

             Staying Active

             Coach Pendergraft's Lessons

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