Jefferson Area Technical Career Center (JATCC)

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Preparing Students of Today for the World of Tomorrow

The Jefferson Area Technical Career Center (JATCC) is committed to serving the career and post-high school job market preparation needs of all high school students enrolled in grades 10, 11 or 12, throughout Jefferson County. 


With programs like Computer Science with Networking Hardware Emphasis, Criminal Justice, Emergency Medical Technician, Health Science (Medical Assistant / Nursing assisting (CNA), Welding, and Industrial Maintenance Technology you are certain to find a program suitable for you and your career goals. 


Students enrolled at JATCC attend class just as they would at their local high school. Students’ performance is assessed and credited to their transcripts for graduation credit. 


Students may attend morning or afternoon classes as their schedules allow. Transportation is provided by the local school districts and students are allowed to drive their own vehicles if they choose upon their home school approval.


Students interested in attending JATCC should request enrollment from their high school counselor. Everything possible will be done to accommodate their schedule and assure placement in the educational or career field of choice. 

Student Organizations through JATCC are

  • HOSA

  • Technology Student Association

  • Skills/USA

Kurwin White

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Judy Gordon

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Administrative Assistant


Nursing Assistance (CNA) / Home care aide

Stephanie Guy

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The Nursing Assistance/Homecare Aide (CNA) focuses on safe and effective functioning when providing client care in the healthcare setting and/or the home environment. Emphasis is placed on assisting clients with daily living and performing fundamental skills. These skills include checking and recording blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate and temperature; also, performing bathing, hygiene and toileting, bed making, utilizing proper body mechanics, providing mobility, meal service and the proper usage of assistive devices such as wheelchairs and lifters. Concepts pertaining to the psychosocial approach to caregiving are covered along with basic Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, and Infection Control. Skills are taught and practiced in a hospital type laboratory and a home/apartment laboratory setting. Required clinical hours are spent in a long-term care facility providing hands-on care to residents. (Students Enrolled in CNA First Semester will Transition to the Medical Assisting class the Second Semester)

Computer Networking Technology

Kindra Redix

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The Computer Networking Technology program is designed to prepare individuals to administer computer networks in a variety of work environments. Coursework will prepare the individual for network certification exams. Graduates will be prepared to provide high-end, solution-based, technical support.


criminal justice

Erin Mothershed

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The Criminal Justice Technology program is designed to give the student a variety of skills related to the field of Criminal Justice. Students can concentrate on courses relating to Law Enforcement, Corrections, or any combination of electives to fit that student’s career needs. This program does not replace the Law Enforcement or Corrections academies but is designed to enhance the skills of individuals in criminal justice fields or provide academic instruction to those interested in criminal justice.


Emergency Medical first responder

Tarneishia Hayden

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The Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Program prepares graduates to make appropriate decisions about the care to provide in a medical emergency. It uses simple knowledge of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system safety/well-being of the EMR, medical/legal issues at the scene of an emergency while awaiting a higher level of care. Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to work as an EMR to help sustain life, reduce pain and minimize the consequences of injury of sudden illness while awaiting or alongside advanced medical help.

In the role of First Responders such as Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue, and Emergency Medical Technicians, students will be trained in the basic competencies of an EMR. The position of an EMR crosses in to Athletic Training, Business and Industry, Industrial Response Teams, and other agencies/industries with a responsibility to respond to a medical or hazardous incident. The Students will participate in lab activities with Southeast Arkansas College (SEARK) Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Program. Also, students will have the opportunity to job shadow with the local Ambulance Service.

medical assisting

Benita Pridgeon

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The Medical Assisting Program is designed to assist students in gaining skills and knowledge needed to become a contributing member of the health care community. The program is designed to provide graduates with entry-level employment skills, initial mastery certification in a chosen health services career, and the opportunity to articulate with a post- secondary program leading to a higher level of mastery. Some of the areas of study are Medical Terminology, and The Human Body, and Diseases Process. (Students Enrolled in Medical Assisting First Semester will Transition to the CNA class the Second Semester)


Computer Information Systems Technology

Cobie Williams

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The Computer Information System Technology program of study is designed to provide hands-on training in the areas of operating systems, applications, programing languages, and web design. The student will learn programming languages, scripting languages, markup languages, and related technologies. Common occupations in this field include computer support and operations, software development, data entry technician, systems analysts, web development, and webmaster. 


Gregory Waters

The Welding Technology program prepares welders for entry-level employment in a wide range of industrial and manufacturing firms. Courses in basic welding, Arc Welding, Mig, Tig, Maintenance Welding and Pipe Welding help to create a well-rounded welder. AWS welding certification opportunities make the graduate more marketable in business and industry. Safety is emphasized in all aspects of the welding program.

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Carpenter Tools

industrial technology


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Industrial Maintenance Technology provides students with the skills needed to perform general duties required in entry-level maintenance or production jobs with greatly increased employment opportunity. Overall AAS: Industrial Maintenance addresses the need of the multi-crafted maintenance technician covering a variety of technical skills areas including Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), instrumentation and controls, electronics and digital devices, welding fundamentals, AC/DC fundamentals, and HVAC principles. Stackable Certificates of Proficiencies lead to the Associate of Applied Science degree. Certificates of Proficiency provides students with both the skills needed in each particular area of industrial maintenance and the soft skills needed to acquire a job, maintain a job, and work safely in an industrial setting. Introduction to blueprint reading, OSHA, and technical mathematics are also covered in the coursework for each of these certificates.

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