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The Arkansas River Education Service Cooperative (ARESC) - Mathematics Specialist program is designed to provide technical assistance from state math specialists with strong preparation and background in mathematics content, instructional strategies, and school leadership. Based in elementary and secondary schools, we are former classroom teachers who are responsible for supporting the professional growth of their colleagues and promoting enhanced mathematics instruction and student learning throughout their schools. We are responsible for strengthening classroom teachers' understanding of mathematics content and helping teachers develop more effective mathematics teaching practices that allow all students to reach high standards, as well as sharing research addressing how students learn mathematics.
In the ARESC-Math Specialist program, we work with teachers and administrators at participating schools to provide leadership and expertise in mathematics based on nationally recognized, research-based professional development. We provide effective math strategies and supplemental math resources to district-level math coaches who are in classrooms on a daily basis, co-teaching mathematics lessons as well as working with children on mathematical concepts. The goal of this mathematics initiative is to ensure that all children are not left behind and teachers create and explore opportunities in the classroom for each student to acquire conceptual understanding in mathematics they learn.
Our overarching purpose is to increase the mathematics achievement of all the students in our participating schools. To do so, we will:
collaborate with individual teachers through co-planning, co-teaching, and coaching;
assist administrative and instructional staff in interpreting data and designing approaches to improve student achievement and instruction;
facilitate teachers' use of successful, research-based instructional strategies, including differentiated instruction for diverse learners such as those with limited English proficiency or disabilities;
work with parent/guardians and community leaders to foster continuing home/school/community partnerships focused on students' learning of mathematics; and
collaborate with administrators to provide leadership and vision for a school-wide mathematics program.
Professional Development:
Creating Math Pacing Guides for K-5
Meaningful Math Activities (K-12)
Marilyn Burns: Math Solutions program
Mathematics Across the Curriculum (History, Literature, Physical Education, Music, Science)
Understanding Student Testing Data (NORMES)
Creating Arkansas Consolidated School Improvement Planning (ACSIP)
Building Academic Vocabulary in Mathematics
Developing Mathematical Ideas (DMI)
Balance Assessment program
Dynamic Classroom Assessment (DCA)
Assessing Academic Rigor (SREB)
Interactive Math Websites for Grades K-6
Mathematics Design Collaborative
CGI - Cognitively Guided Instruction