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K-12 Behavior

K-12 Behavior Support Specialist

Arkansas River Education Service Cooperative

Sandy Crawley


Referral for Behavior Support Services are made on the Arkansas Special Education Department website under CIRCUIT.

CIRCUIT Services can be requested by parents, guardians, or district school administrators (i.e., special education supervisors, principals, and superintendents).


The K-12 Behavior Support Specialist (BSS) role is to work with special needs students in the local school districts in the following ways:

  • Consultation with those providing services to student (e.g., school staff, therapists) and family
  • Direct observation of student in school setting
  • Data collection review
  • Assistance with development of Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) and/or Behavioral Intervention Plan (FBA)
  • Assistance regarding appropriate program development
  • Training student service providers regarding appropriate programmatic strategies
Collaboration with other consultants funded by Arkansas Department of Education