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"Meet the Director"

The mission of the Arkansas River Education Service Cooperative is to assist member school districts and communities with the development of more effective and equitable use of their shared resources and to provide shared services supporting the knowledge and skills necessary to impact effective citizenship and economic productivity through student achievement.
Director - Cathi Swan:                      

Great teachers mold and shape the tools that are used to run the world each day. What tools are those? Minds!!

Yes, it is a big job, but only a system of teachers can do it! The system that I am referring to is not only made up of traditional teachers, but it is comprised of every stakeholder who plays a role in the life of a learner. We here at ARESC gladly share in the responsibility to shape and prepare students in our service area and beyond to navigate their paths to success.

We are happy to share our resources, support, and services to partner with our professional learning community in any way we can. We are all called to do a great work! As the director of this great organization I am proud to say we are honored to be a part of this education system of mind benders. Help us shape the tools of the future!   

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